How to refocus your marketing in uncertain times

I have been reminiscing about the things we took for granted before Covid-19, in what sometimes feels like a previous life. But I am finding it inspiring seeing businesses rethinking their service offers and pivoting their operations. Showing up online and smashing, it is truly amazing to watch.

I have found myself also thinking about how new challenges can present new opportunities and found a fitting quote from Albert Einstein, who said: “In the middle of difficulty lies opportunity.” And one question that keeps coming up in various conversations was whether we should be marketing in these unprecedented times?

I believe the answer is yes but at your own pace and in your way. Also thinking about how business owners can utilise this time to concentrate on the behind the scenes tasks that you never have the time to do. You could plan your business and steer your reputation with a complete refocus with consideration for the new mindset of your target audience and the current landscape.

Try out these actions they could help:

✔️ Follow a strategic ‘day by day’ and ‘week by week’ approach and continue to show up online and accept that it’s ok to be visible at your own pace.

✔️ Promote your services and products as best you can under these unique circumstances.

✔️ Be strategic and empathetic; support your audiences by sharing insightful information from legitimate sources.

✔️ Reframe your services and seek out new opportunities.

✔️ Stay focused and remember that this WILL pass.

According to Virgin Media “the UK's coronavirus lockdown has roughly doubled the UK's internet usage during the day.” Source The Independent.

I believe that the businesses and brands that show up in this crisis will be the ones that we will all remember. Preparing yourself for a comeback isn’t always easy, but if you do it in the right way, your customers will appreciate it.

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